about us

ninetonineworld is a British company with a family and individual approach. We offer exclusive services for your children to learn English and to be educated in the British culture from an early age. We know the British educational system and the local culture. We are “British”. We want to share our knowledge and find the best solution for your children.

Our team

Director & co-founder
Born and raised in the English countryside and mother of three girls. She lived in Spain from 2002 until 2014. Educated at the prestigious Saint Mary’s Ascot boarding school, Sacha has a Bachelor’s degree in Modern Languages ​​and Linguistics from the University of Cambridge.

After 6 years as sales director for an international online marketing company, Sacha and her husband of Spanish nationality created the company ninetonine kids, a company that sells designer furniture for both babies and children around the world.

A few years later, Sacha set out to establish a unique and exclusive summer camp “English Country House Camp” in the English countryside, aimed at girls between 7 and 11 years old. This camp, along with her experiences in French exchanges, several au pairs in her youth, complied with her studies in Madrid as a teenager, has been the seed from which ninetonineworld: connecting cultures, differently was born.

When she is not on a plane between Madrid and London, Sacha also finds the time to continue her activity as a translator and interpreter.

Director & co-founder
Originally from the Canary Islands. A decisive moment in her education is when she decided at the end of her baccalaureate, to live for a year in the English countryside, in the county of Cheshire, to improve her English before obtaining a degree in Business Administration from the University of Manchester. This led to a subsequent transfer to London to work in a multinational. It is in that city, where she met Sacha Bancroft, before moving to Madrid, where she worked in the commercial and finance departments of several companies for the next 10 years.

Her experience in the English countryside sparked what would become a lifelong passion for the English language and culture. She has no doubt that the most effective way to really learn a language is through a complete immersion in the culture of the country.

Now, back in Madrid, married and with three children, this deep connection with the United Kingdom is reflected in the education of her young children who attend a British school in Madrid. She takes advantage of every opportunity to immerse them in the English culture and transmit that passion for language and culture from an early age.

Director & Partner CC Education
Lin is partner and co-founder of Lin Li CC Education (cc-education.co.uk), ninetonineworld’s sister company  in China.

With a degree in Business from Copenhagen Business School, Lin, speaks fluent Eng,lish, Chinese, and Danish, and lives between London and Beijing.  Educated in the UK from her early years, she has been involved in this sector for over 15 years, having passed through other top level companies such as Novo Nordisk and SCA. With a breadth of contacts throughout China and Europe, Lin is also on the board of various companies, including an online learning system in China.


Camps Consulting & Marketing
Meggie is a Dutch mother of two children, married to a Spaniard, living in Madird,  After a long stint as an aupair in Spain, Austria and France, she studied Marketing & Communication in  Amsterdam University.  Currently completing a Masters in Digital Marketing, she also runs her own travel blog www.viajesinefables.com.
Schooling Consulting & Marketing
From Valencia, Mireia has been educated in the British system from her early years.  With double honours in International Business KEDGE Business School and Valencia University, she worked for two years in France before moving to the USA to work for the prestigious Engels & Volkers.  Currently taking a Digital Marketing course in her free time.