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What do we do at ninetonineworld?

We are an exclusive educational & linguistic consultancy with offices in the UK, Spain and China, offering tailor made solutions for all who wish to learn, practice and improve their English, and experience quintessential British culture, through a variety of services and full immersion programs.

“One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way.”

Our Educational Consulting Service

At ninetonineworld, we provide personalized assistance during all phases of our search and selection process of boarding schools and camps in the UK to ensure that the experience is a resounding success. Our job as specialists in the British education system is to help families navigate this complex ecosystem and as a result select the most suitable private boarding school for each student’s personality and talents. Our mission is for students to acquire a vital experience in their personal development, beyond just language learning and basic academia: but rather, to receive that truly ‘rounded’ education that British institutions are so well known for.

We are well known for our close relationships with our clients. This is vital not only in order to select the right school for each student, but also to ensure that their stay in the selected school is positive and enjoyable.

According to our customer satisfaction surveys, we stand out above all for: our proximity to clients, professionalism, the fact that we are specialists in boarding schools in the UK and for the close relationships that we form. 

Boarding schools for children in England

The British private education system has a solid reputation and long history around the world.

This is one of the reasons why so many parents choose to send their children to boarding schools in England in search of a high quality education, encompassing academic, sporting and creative excellence and a brighter future.

The British educational model of boarding schools for children in England features highly on all international lists and rankings. This model focuses on high quality and personalised teaching which extends beyond the classroom. It allows students to combine vocational, academic and creative subjects to develop their talents and creativity, clearly a differential advantage for their future. In addition, its focus is on the integral development of young people to foster qualities such as resistance, resilience, adaptability, self-confidence and critical thinking, while interacting in an international environment.

Benefits and advantages of studying in England

The English education system is famous for its quality, and this is rooted in its drive to bring out the best in every student and to encourage constant progress and lifelong learning. In addition, British schools and universities are melting pots of cultures and nationalities. In a multicultural environment, they encourage adaptability, communication skills and an ability to listen and understand, all so important when trying to access future jobs in an increasingly interconnected world like today.

This type of education at boarding schools in the UK is complemented by quality facilities, highly qualified staff and a wide range of sporting, technological, artistic and cultural activities that will enhance the attitudes and aptitudes of each student.

In this academic system, the student is at the centre of everything: respect, perseverance, effort and responsibility, among others, are qualities that are fostered from childhood and throughout every child’s development in order to help them develop into adults with excellent critical thinking and social awareness skills.

Knowing how to work in a team, at the same time as being independent, how to solve problems, be a good leader and how to develop communication skills are key in this rounded educational approach.

Why study in England?

In England all the years of school are homologated, therefore, any young student from the age of 11 can take part or a complete course of study in England and on their return continue their education in their home country.

However, each country’s educational rules do differ, so please contact us to discuss the best time for your child to attend boarding school. 

Why study A-Levels in England?

The last two academic years (Year 12 & 13) at British boarding school ‘Sixth Form’ are when students will study either A-Levels, or the International Baccalaureate.This is an excellent moment to study in the UK and finish your schooling there ready for university.

At this age, students have two options: 

  • Opt for A-Levels and choose 3 or 4 subjects
  • Opt for the International Baccalaureate (IB) and choose 6 subjects

At A-level, students choose fewer subjects, and go into significant depth into each one, with extensive independent study and rigourous academic monitoring.  

The International Baccalaureate (IB) is increasingly valued. For the right student, it is a modern and challenging program, and well regarded by the best universities in the world. All British, American and Spanish higher education institutions recognize it as a pathway to university. Scoring high in the programme’s courses can lead to obtaining university credits, scholarships and other advantages related to university entrance.

Many private British boarding schools have been offering this programme for more than 30 years. 

There are other advantages to studying the International Baccalaureate at a boarding school in England, including: 

Possibility of direct admission to prestigious universities around the world

International perspective

Stimulation of critical thinking

Encouragement of the student’s research capacity

Helping the student to grow physically, intellectually, emotionally and ethically

Autonomy: they direct their own learning

Development of the student’s maturity: the student must think independently, become ever more culturally aware and learn to organise their time efficiently/strong>

The best boarding schools in England

The prestigious boarding schools in England have been recognised globally for their high academic level, appearing in the rankings of the best schools in the world.

A few of these world-renowned boarding schools include: Brighton College, Winchester College, Westminster School, St Pauls’ School, Eton College, Wycombe Abbey, St Mary’s Ascot, Sevenoaks, Concorde College, and more.

In addition to providing students with top quality education, the best boarding schools in the UK have excellent creative offering, personnel, and facilities such as: sports centres, theatres, art studios, music and recording studios, podcast rooms, golf courses, equestrian centers, cooking classrooms, science departments, Design & Technology schools, and business centers, to name a few.

With over 500 boarding schools in the United Kingdom, choosing the most suitable option is a complex process. The abundance of information you can find on the internet, and the likely conflicting recommendations made by friends whose children have studied in the UK is not enough to ensure you are taking the correct choice as regards a future school for our children: every family and child is different, and their specific circumstances and personality will mean that their search criteria are unique to them alone.

Boarding Schools in England for only girls or only boys

At ninetonineworld, we are experts in both co-educational and single-sex boarding schools. There are many boarding schools in England for either only boys or only girls, which provides greater freedom for them to choose subjects not typically associated with their gender.

Several industry reports highlight a number of potential benefits of single-sex schools in education. This is in part due to the fact that, among other reasons, boys and girls mature at different rates, especially between the ages of 10-13. At the same age and within the same conditions, their academic progress is different, so it makes sense to find the correct manner in which to educate boys and girls to suit their needs. 

Additionally, the reports show that students who receive this type of education improve their performance and academic results, as the school is adapted to the maturity level and learning style of their students, thus helping to prevent academic failure.

Short stays in UK boarding schools

Some of our clients look for a short stay in boarding school, for example, the summer or autumn term. This is good for students whose schools do not allow them a full year or more abroad, or for those who wish to try the British education system before going for a longer period.



What are boarding schools like in the UK?

The UK has over 500 boarding schools, most of them co-educational, but also, single-sex schools – only for boys or only for girls. All the British boarding schools have top class facilities, perfect for the optimal academic, social and creative development of their pupils. The schools are known throughout the world for their reputation for academic excellence.

Pupils have access to a wide range of subjects, and learn in small size classes: sometimes, of only 4-6 pupils. They have the opportunity to take part in a huge variety of extra curricular activities from art, music, deisgn and theatre to Duke of Edinburgh, CCF, sports, photography and more.

Pupils are often divided into ‘Houses’, where they sleep with other pupils their own gender and age, but get to know all age groups. They are looked after by ‘House parents’ and a ‘Matron’, who, together, look after all their daily pastoral needs.

What is a school year in England like?

The school year normally begins at the start of September and ends at the start of July.  Exact dates can be found on the websites of each school.

The school year is divided into 3 terms:

Autumn term or Michaelmas term
Normally, from the start of September, until the start or middle of December.

Spring term, Winter or Easter term
From the start of January, until the end of March. 

Summer term or occasionally known as Trinity Term
From mid-late April until the start of July. 

In the middle of each term, there is a ‘half term’ holiday, of two weeks duration in the Autumn term, and a week, in following terms.

What is life like in a boarding school?

Private schools in Britain have fabulous facilities, buildings, enormous amounts of land and open countryside in many cases, as well as theatres, top class sports, music and artistic facilities.  Many are on a par, or better, tan university campuses.  They thus offer a truly full educational solution to all their pupils, allowing them to develop to their full potential.

Who looks after my child while in the UK?

You child will require a legal guardian whilst at school in the UK. This is a legal requirement.  At ninetonineworld, we will guide you through this process and help you find a suitabel guardian who can filful all the criteria required for a successful stay in the UK. 

The main functions of a guardian are:

  • To be a point of emergency contact at all times during your child’s stay in the UK.
  • To manage any requirements of host families during ‘exeat weekends’ and ‘half term’ holidays, if needed.  
  • Arrangement of transport to/ from airports, where required
  • Monitoring of child’s academic and pastoral development during their stay in boarding school 
  • Attendance at parents meetings & similar where required 
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