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The most exclusive girl’s camp in the UK

There are many camps in England, but none like ours – guaranteed!

Country House Camp is a boutique, friendly and creative international camp for 8 to 14-year-old girls, located at a wonderful private English country house in Hampshire, just 45 minutes from Heathrow airport.

Our perspective goes far beyond the mere learning of a language. At Country House Camp, we offer our girls the chance to experience the quintessential British culture first hand, including some knowledge about British customs and style, while they take part in a wide variety of creative, intellectual, artistic and sports activities that improve their language skills. We often get girls who are fluent at English – we can cater for these no problem at all.

We allow the girls to experience the best of British culture first hand during an unforgettable summer that will culminate in the final gala party: a Black Tie Dinner and disco!

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Ages: 8 to 14

Dates: late June to late July

Length: 2 weeks

More than 20 hours of English with qualified camp monitors

Some local English girls take part in occasional activities during the day, thus increasing the chances of practicing English.

All manner of activities, including sports, art, handicrafts, theater, dancing, music, talent shows, the ‘CHC festival’, cooking lessons and so much more!

‘Senior girls’ program (ages: 12 – 14):  Extra, thought-provoking activities appropriate to their age group including leadership and debating workshops to charity and social projects.

‘Tech-free’: No phones, no ipads. We want the girls to be looking at eachother and the countryside, not at screens!  Long live the outdoors and a good old fashioned chat

A whole day in London: cultural visits, a musical in the West End, shopping afternoon and dinner at a lovely restaurant

A “leadership & adventure” day with an evening barbecue and camping

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