summer in the UK for the whole family

Learn English as a family in the UK this summer

The opportunity to spend the summer with family in the UK is a most enriching experience, which allows us spend time together while we improve our level of English.

Desde ninetonineworld We will help you find the perfect English camps and courses for all members of the family, so that your vacation becomes a perfect combination between leisure and training.

We work in a personalized way and advise you so that you can find the option that best suits your budget and needs!

Type of courses: una selección

How we work?


Fill out our form online

Te we will call to complement the information


Search and selection from the camp or the English course


We will send optionsand advise you in making decisions

We will help you process your place reservation and the rest of the documentation

We will advise you in thesearch for accommodationif necessary

We will support you throughout your family’s stay


you must


Alojamiento: internado / casa de alquiler

Lugares: campiña inglesa / Londres

Edades: a partir de los 3 años

Fechas: desde finales de junio

Duración de la estancia: semanal

Hours of English: 15 – 30 per week

Possibility of extra activities and excursions

Approximate prices: from £300 (weekly classes) / from £1,900 (family residential)  

Immersion, culture and family fun!



Terms and conditions

Total price: €300 + VAT

Payment method: €150 + VAT will be paid at the beginning and the rest when the place is reserved at the camp.< /span>



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