having an au pair in the UK

Life is easier with an au pair at home

Welcoming an au pair in your home is an excellent way not only for your children to learn Spanish, but also to have the opportunity to experience another culture from their own home.

Welcoming a Spanish au pair means temporarily having an “additional member in the family”, which will help you look after your children and will be an extra pair of hands for the parents in all kid related tasks. In return, you will provide the au pair with accommodation and food, integrate them into your family and culture, as well as with some weekly pocket money.  You will also need to facilitate their English learning if they wish to attend an academy or similar.


you need to


Accommodations: their own room in the family home

Meals: included

Work hours: 25 – 30 hours a week

Days off: 1.5

Length of the stay: an academic year

Babysitter service: 2 nights a week

Pocket money: £100 – £120 a week

Flights and travel expenses: paid by the au pair

We will send you a detailed dossier with activity suggestions and advice, which will help you make the most of their stay.

Our au pair’s profile

  • Mother tongue: Spanish speaker
  • Age: 17 – 23
  • Previous experience working with children
  • Availability: morning and afternoon
  • Polite, adaptable, responsible and flexible person
  • Health cover: European Health Insurance Card or any other medical insurance

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How we work

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We will call you for further information

Selection and presentation of au pair profiles that are suitable for the family

Coordination of au pair – family interview

Request and checking of the au pair’s documents

Preparation of a written agreement to be signed by both parties

Short online training to make sure that the au pair understands his/her tasks

Assistance throughout the duration of the program both to the au pair and the family

Mediation in the event of any disagreements arising from discrepancies during the first month

Main tasks

To prepare simple meals

To bathe and look after the children

To help with the maintenance and cleaning of the kitchen when the children have their meals.

To wash, iron and put away the children’s clothes

To keep the children’s bedrooms and bathrooms clean and tidy


Other tasks:

To play with the children: with board games, handicrafts, cooking, reading, making up stories, playing with flashcards, educational games…

Outdoor activities: to pick them up from school, take them to the park, do sports or out-of-school activities, go to the cinema…

To take care of and keep an eye on the children inside and outside the home


Terms and Conditions

Full price: £400 + VAT

Form of payment: To be paid upon agreement of the contract


TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Host Families and Au Pairs


Please read carefully the terms and conditions of ninetonineworld, connecting cultures differently (Limited), a company established in England and Wales (Registration Number: 9247835).

These Terms and Conditions are a binding legal agreement between ninetonineworld and the Live-in Au Pair (lodging) or Live-out Au Pair (no lodging) and the Host Family. They will apply to all the contracts, to your use of the ninetonineworld website and to all the services provided by us to you. If, for whatever reason, you do not agree to these

Al enviar su solicitud y registrarse con ninetonine world confirma que ha leído y está aceptando el contenido íntegro de la página web, que cumples con todos los requisitos para ser Familia de Acogida, Au Pair in o Au Pair out, que has respondido a todas las preguntas con honestidad y que toda la información suministrada, incluyendo las referencias, es veraz y actual.

ninetonine world enviará a las Familias de Acogida, la información que tenga de los potenciales candidatos “Au Pairs” que se ajusten más a su perfil y viceversa, y ellos serán los únicos responsables en aceptar o rechazar las ofertas que se les ofrezcan, excluyendo de cualquier responsabilidad a ninetonine world. Por eso, les recomendamos que lean cuidadosamente los perfiles y la documentación de las candidatas Au Pair in o Au pair out enviada y os aseguréis que se adapten a lo que verdaderamente estáis buscando.

Terms and Conditions, you shall not be entitled to be provided with any services by us.

By sending your application and filling in the registration form of ninetonineworld, you are confirming that you have read and accept the full content of the website, that you meet all the requirements to become a Host Family, Live-in Au Pair or Live-out Au Pair, that you have answered all the questions truthfully and that all the information provided, including the references, is truthful and up-to-date.

Ninetonineworld will provide the Host Families with the information about the potential Au Pair candidates that best fit their profiles and vice versa, and they will be solely responsible for accepting or rejecting the offers received, with the exclusion of any liability on the part of ninetonineworld.

Therefore, we recommend that you read the Live-in Au Pair or Live-out Au Pair candidates’ profiles and documentation carefully and make sure that they truly match what you are looking for.

The data obtained by the clients from the Host Families or Live-in/Live-out Au Pairs are strictly confidential. Therefore, its provision to third parties is strictly forbidden. The Host Families, the Live-in Au Pairs or Live-out Au Pairs that agree to these Terms and Conditions are also accepting the contents of our Data Protection Policy, which is available on our website.

The family can interview the proposed Live-in Au Pairs or Live-out Au Pairs. Skype or personal interviews will be conducted so that both parties can meet before proceeding to reach an agreement.

Ninetonineworld does not guarantee the Live-in/Live-out Au Pair’s starting date or the length of their stay with the Host Family. Nor does it guarantee the timeframe for the selection process and the conclusion of the agreement. What ninetonineworld does guarantee is that it will make all the necessary efforts to find the Live-in Au Pair or Live-out Au Pair that best fits your profile as soon as possible.

The responsibility for the final decision and the agreement with a ninetonine Live-in or Live-out Au-Pair shall rest with the host family.

Ninetonineworld acts only as a selection agent that puts the host families in touch with young Live-in or Live-out Au Pair candidates; which is why in no event are the au pairs hired by ninetonineworld, but chosen by the families themselves. The management fee paid to ninetonineworld relates exclusively to putting both parties in touch with each other.

The au pair’s and host family’s rights and obligations are available on our website and must also be written and signed by both parties in the agreement between the Live-in Au Pair or Live-out Au Pair and the host family.

Ninetonineworld reserves the right to revise and modify these Terms and Conditions at any time without specifying the reasons. So, it is your responsibility to visit our website periodically in order to verify the current Terms and Conditions, as they are binding and might have changed since the first time you contacted the Agency.



Ninetonineworld offers you its services for the purposes of finding a Live-in Au Pair or Live-out Au Pair through its website: www.ninetonineworld.com, email, postal mail or in person at its offices.

Ninetonineworld makes every effort needed to find you the most appropriate Live-in Au

Pair or Live-out Au Pair / Host Family. It takes care of all the paperwork required. It carefully checks all the references and sends you all the documentation of those Live-in Au Pairs or Live-out Au Pairs or Host Families which it considers that best match your needs. Nevertheless, as mentioned above, the entire responsibility for the final agreement with a Live-in Au Pair or Live-out Au Pair candidate rests with the Host Family.

Our bilingual team shall provide you with a customized service, helping you in every step of the way to find a Live-in Au Pair or Live-out Au Pair or Host Family.     

We are available, during the entire Au Pair’s stay, to help both parties at any time.



The Host Family shall pay a deposit or down payment to ninetonineworld for the registration in the au pair program. This will be applied to management expenses and just 50% will be refundable, only if ninetonineworld does not find any candidates that match their profile.

The remaining fees will be paid once the agreement between the Live-in Au Pair or Live-out Au Pair and the Host Family has been signed and before the Au Pair arrives at the host family’s home. Should the payment not be made within this period of time, the client (the host family) shall be automatically out of the program and the other party to the agreement shall be available again, except in the case of previous notice to ninetonineworld along with a justified cause.

Ninetonineworld reserves the right to take the legal actions it deems appropriate against those clients who do not meet their obligation for payment of the corresponding fee or who have made a fraudulent payment.

The rates for the host families will depend upon the time period for which they are going to need the au pair. In the event this period were extended by mutual agreement, notice must be provided to the agency as soon as the decision is made.

Ninetonineworld reserves the right to modify the rates at any time, whether with increases or special offers. The client shall be responsible for checking the current rates on the website at each particular time before requiring the service.

The clients must make sure beforehand that they have the financial ability to pay ninetonineworld for its services. These terms comply with the English legal system and infringement may give rise to judicial proceedings.



If the Host Family decides to terminate the placement as a result of a serious infringement by the au pair, the client must inform ninetonineworld as soon as possible (giving two weeks’ notice at least).

Ninetonineworld, subject to communication with both parties, reserves the right to decide what constitutes a serious infringement and whether the client is entitled to a replacement and/or reimbursement.

Should ninetonineworld deem appropriate to replace the family or the au pair, it cannot, however, ensure that there will be any candidates promptly, but it will endeavor to give priority to these clients over new ones.

The families and the au pairs are offered a one-month warranty as and from the start date of the au pair’s stay. During that time, if there were any problems between both parties, ninetonineworld could offer the host family a replacement and a new host family to the au pair, in accordance with the provisions of these Terms and Conditions.

Upon expiration of the warranty period, the hiring will be deemed satisfactory and binding, and ninetonineworld shall have fulfilled all its obligations. If the services were to be discontinued after the ending of the warranty period, ninetonineworld may, at its own discretion, charge the client again.



There can be different causes for agreement termination. Ninetonineworld is aware that each case is unique and shall, therefore, study each particular case and try to settle it in the fairest possible way and mediating in the best way possible.

In the event of incompatibility, a genuine lack of understanding or incompetence on the part of the ninetonineworld au pair and subject to a discussion with us, if a solution is not reached and the au pair program needs to be terminated, the two weeks’ notice period will begin, during which, in accordance with the guidelines of the program, the au pair shall perform his/her ordinary tasks and the host family shall comply with everything that had been agreed with the au pair (lodging, board, pocket money, etc.).

Both sides must give each other the notice established in the contract signed by the ninetonineworld au pair and the host family, and they must, in any case, inform ninetonineworld in writing of the reasons for the said notice.

Should this notice period not be complied with by the family, the host family shall be responsible for paying their au pair, in cash, the amount corresponding to 2 weeks of pocket money , board and lodging during this period , plus any additional return travel costs that may arise from the early termination of the placement.

Except in the case of extreme circumstances, if the ninetonine au pair abandons the host family without observance of the notice period, the ninetonineworld au pair shall lose his/her right to be assisted by ninetonineworld and will have placed him/herself out of the ninetonineworld program, being liable for any damages caused to ninetonineworld as a consequence of his/her abandonment.

Even if the host family and the ninetonineworld au pair reach a mutual agreement so that the ninetonineworld au pair can leave the home without observance of the notice period, the host family must give him/her time to find another family or take the necessary steps to return to his/her home country.

In the event of misconduct of the host family or of the ninetonineworld au pair, the other party must consider the commitment made terminated immediately. Misconduct implying any risk or danger will require police intervention. Both sides must inform ninetonineworld promptly so that it can take the measures it deems most appropriate.

In the event that the misconduct is on the part of the ninetonine au pair, he/she will be expelled from the program and must bear the costs of returning to his/her country. In such cases, the host family shall be responsible for providing him/her with lodging for (1) days from termination. We recommend that the ninetonine au pair gets in touch with ninetonineworld to be assisted in the return trip.

If the ninetonineworld au pair leaves due to misconduct on the part of the host family, the host family has an obligation to provide him/her with and pay him/her a suitable 

lodging and the board for two (2) days from the moment the ninetonineworld au pair leaves the home. The host family also has an obligation to arrange and pay for the return trip to his/her home country if, during those (2) days, ninetonineworld does not find a suitable host family for the au pair or if he/she decides to go back home.

In the event of infringement, ninetonineworld reserves the right to exercise any relevant legal actions against the host family.



Ninetonineworld will only be responsible for the search, selection process and replacement if needed. That is, it shall provide an intermediation service.

y accepting these Terms and Conditions, the host family and the ninetonine au pair are admitting that no responsibility whatsoever is assumed by ninetonineworld regarding the agreement signed by and between them. Therefore, ninetonineworld is not responsible for the reliability and suitability of the jobs for ninetonine au pairs offered by the families, or for their reliability, suitability, adaptability, honesty or character.

Ninetonineworld acts as an agent for the introductions. The ninetonine live-in au pair or live-out au pair is not, directly or indirectly, employed or hired by ninetonineworld at any time. Ninetonineworld merely acts as an intermediary between the client and the ninetonineworld live-in au pair or ninetonine live-out au pair. The client acknowledges that he/she is responsible for all the payments owed to the ninetonineworld au pair for as long as the ninetonineworld au pair is hired by the client.

Ninetonineworld shall not accept any financial liability for incidental or accidental costs incurred as a result of the hiring of the ninetonine live-in au pair or ninetonine live-out au pair by the host family.

If the family asks the ninetonine live-in or live-out au pair to drive any means of transport, it will be under the responsibility of the said family and ninetonineworld shall not accept any liability whatsoever in this regard.

The cost of any accidental damages caused to goods, vehicles or other belongings by the ninetonine live-in or live-out au pair will be covered by the insurance policies taken out by the client. In the event of excess or non-insured accidental damage, the client shall pay the additional or total cost of the repair or replacement of the good.

In no event can any pocket money be withheld or reduced from the ninetonine live-in or live-out au pair against their will in order to cover the costs of an accidental loss or damage. Neither the ninetonine live-in or live-out au pair nor his/her family can be asked to pay for any accidental damage or accidental damage to a vehicle driven by the ninetonine live-in or live-out au pair at the request of the client or with the client’s permission.

Ninetonineworld shall not be responsible for any accidents or incidents that may happen to the ninetonine live-in or live-out au pair caused by a person or caused by the ninetonine live-in or live-out au pair to any people.

Ninetonineworld shall not be responsible under any circumstances of any damages, losses, dishonest or malicious acts, expenses, voluntary (willful misconduct) or involuntary actions or omissions or infringements of the agreement signed by and between the Host Family and the ninetonine live-in or live-out au pair which any of the parties may incur or commit, before, during or after having signed the said agreement, or which take place as a result of ninetonineworld’s intermediation between the Family 

and the ninetonine live-in or live-out au pair. Therefore, both parties expressly waive any rights to initiate any judicial or extrajudicial actions against ninetonineworld.

Ninetonineworld shall not be liable to any third parties, in any part of the world, for damages, direct or indirect losses, consequential or economic losses or any other losses suffered as a result of the use of or trust in the information contained on its website, provided by the agency by any other means and/or for any of the services provided by ninetonineworld to the extent allowed by the law.

Under no circumstances, including negligence, will ninetonineworld be liable for special or consequential incidental damages that arise from the use of its website or from the services provided, even if ninetonineworld or a ninetonineworld authorized representative has been informed of the possibility of suffering the said damages.

Some jurisdictions do not allow for the limitation or exclusion of liability for incidental or consequential damages, so that the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you. If this were the case, ninetonineworld’s total liability to you for all the damages, losses and reasons for claiming, whether for contract, grievance (including negligence) or other reasons, will not exceed the amount you paid to ninetonineworld for its services.



The host families and the ninetonine live-in or live-out au pairs undertake to observe the applicable laws of the host countries.

The clients are solely responsible for the authenticity and legality of the information, the texts and the photographs that they insert into the documentation and they enter into an obligation to observe the legal regulations in force and to use good manners. The clients are solely responsible for the confidentiality of their information. They must not include any information in their profiles which they do not want third persons to see. Ninetonineworld is not obliged to check the clients’ profiles with respect to the influence they may have on third parties’ rights.

The data obtained by the clients from other families / ninetonine au pairs are strictly confidential and, therefore, it is strictly forbidden to provide them to other clients or third persons, particularly the contact details, in the event they have access to them.

If the client, directly or indirectly, brings a candidate into contact with any other families and, as a result, a placement is established, the client shall be responsible for the corresponding management fee of the placement.



Ninetonineworld reserves the right to transfer, completely or partially, to third parties, the rights and obligations derived from these Terms and Conditions, within the limits of the legislation in force.

In compliance with the Data Protection Act of England, ninetonineworld shall not disclose its clients’ personal data or contact details without their prior, written permission, unless it is necessary for purposes of compliance with the legislation or in a legal process when the said information is relevant.

By signing the agreement, the host family, the ninetonine live-in or live-out au pair, where relevant, acknowledges and agrees that in order to be provided with adequate services, ninetonineworld may share all the information provided by you with third parties and collaborating agencies.

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