country house camp

Country House Camp (8 – 12 years)

Our camp

There are many camps in England but it is difficult to find a camp for children from an early age that is different and special.

Our approach goes far beyond the learning of the language: children are really immersed in the culture, art, music and customs of the host country, while having ample opportunities for fun, new activities and sports as well as the opportunity to make new friendships. It is a unique experience.

Children will have the opportunity to experience British culture to the fullest, improve their language and communication skills in a safe, healthy, fun and above all family-centered environment. Your children will breathe a different culture and way of life, yet they will feel like they are home.

That is why we recommend our Country House Camp summer camp Country House Camp ( to all those parents who plan to send their children to England for the first time. In our Country House Camp children will feel at home and you can rest assured they will be in very good hands. We are one big family! And let’s not forget that it’s a great experience for all involved: it’s the first time your child is in another country without you!

Country House Camps are boutique camps in the English countryside, in Hampshire (45 minutes from Heathrow Airport). We work with small groups of children to ensure that your children receive the necessary attention, allowing us to know each child individually. Mobile phones, tablets, laptops, iPods are not allowed in our camps. We want children to be able to disconnect from the “electronic world” and have the opportunity to discover an alternative, healthy world and to focus on nature, sports, arts and adventure.

We also accept local children in our camps, residential or non-residential, which makes it an even more enriching experience for all.Take a look at our web to get a more complete idea!